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When you’ve been injured either by someone recklessly operating a rental scooter, including a Bird scooter, or you’ve been injured while operating one of these scooters, you may have the right to compensation. Omega Law Group, PC has helped numerous clients get the help they need when navigating the justice system.

Our Los Angeles Bird scooter accident attorneys are skilled and dedicated representatives who know what it takes to be successful in your case. Each of our attorneys graduated from the prestigious Loyola Law School, and has earned a reputation for both outstanding client service, fierce representation, and success that our clients depend on.

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    Legal Assistance Tailored to a New Industry

    Urban centers are growing extremely crowded and packed to the brim with vehicle traffic, which has led to adventurous entrepreneurs developing creative solutions. Bird scooters are one such solution, allowing people to rent electric motorized scooters for short trips around these urban centers. While proponents of these companies laud their convenience and efforts to reduce congestion and traffic, others worry about the safety hazard they can cause.

    There’s a good reason for this concern: these scooters can approach 15 miles per hour, and riders are often not wearing safety gear that’s necessary to ensure low-risk operation at these speeds. Furthermore some riders also place themselves and those around them at an even greater risk by driving on sidewalks or weaving through traffic. If you have been hurt as a result of an accident involving a Bird scooter, either as a rider or as a result of a rider’s negligent actions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Los Angeles injury lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about your right to compensation.

    Some statistics on e-scooter accidents as reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

    • Head injuries account for 45% of all e-scooter accident-related injuries
    • Upper extremity fractures account for 27% of all e-scooter-related injuries
    • E-scooter injuries occur 14.3 times per every 100,000 trips
    • 29% of e-scooter related injuries are connected to first time riders
    • 18% of e-scooter injuries involve motor vehicles
    • Only 1 out of every 19 injured scooter riders was wearing a helmet
    • At least 8 people have died using dockless e-scooters since 2017

    Accidents Involving Bird Scooters

    While Bird scooters may seem like an ingenious idea to provide personal mobility at an extremely low cost (both in terms of price and environmental impact), there are flaws with the plan that have many people growing more and more concerned. Reckless riders have been found to leave the scooters in the middle of public walkways where they can cause someone to trip over them and fall.

    Other riders simply hop onto the sidewalk to avoid vehicle traffic, increasing the risk of a pedestrian collision. Even riders who do operate vehicles safely are at risk of a vehicle hitting them simply because they weren’t paying attention or didn’t see them operating in a bike lane as they’re encouraged to do.

    Some common Bird scooter accident injuries include:

    • Broken bones
    • Concussions & other head injuries
    • Whiplash or other neck injuries
    • Major bruising or muscular damage

    Who Is Liable in a Bird Scooter Accident?

    Determining liability in a Bird scooter accident can be complicated and will generally vary depending on who is involved, the cause of the accident, and the actions of the other involved parties. It is best to review your situation with a skilled attorney to ensure the responsible parties are held accountable.

    Here are a few situations that may occur and who may be held liable in each scenario.

    • Bird scooter malfunctions: Bird scooters are mechanical devices, and as such, can be subject to issues in manufacturing which pose a danger to users. If an issue with a scooter's design or manufacture causes an accident or causes the rider to fall and get hurt, Bird could potentially be held liable under product liability law.
    • Car accidents involving Bird scooters: If you are hit by a car while riding a Bird scooter, the driver of the car may be liable for your injuries depending on the circumstances. Scooter riders are treated similarly to cyclists or pedestrians in regards to traffic law. If the vehicle that struck you was in motion, or if someone opened their door into your scooter while you were passing, your medical bills may be covered by the driver's auto insurance. With that being said, scooter riders who are injured by riding into a stopped or parked vehicle may be liable for their own injuries.
    • Pedestrian accidents involving Bird scooters: Bird scooters are technically considered "motor vehicles" in the eyes of the law, therefore pedestrians tend to be favored in the event of an accident between a scooter and a pedestrian. If a person riding a Bird scooter rides into you, you may be able to hold the rider personally responsible for your injuries as long as you did not intentionally put yourself in the rider's path.
    • Potholes or defective roadways: Defective roadways are a common cause of scooter accidents in the Greater Los Angeles area. Both private and government property owners have a responsibility to maintain roadways to protect others from injury. If your accident was caused by poorly maintained roads like potholes or other issues, you may be able to pursue compensation from the owner of the road or area where you fell. If the area was publicly owned, the city may be responsible for your injuries. If your accident occurred in a parking lot or other private road, the company or owner of the land may be held liable.

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