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LimeBike Scooter & Bike Accidents

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When you’ve been injured as a result of negligent conduct, Omega Law Group, PC is committed to helping you get the compensation you’re entitled to. Our team knows how to examine the evidence in your case and put it to work protecting your rights even in instances where liability may be slightly more complicated, such as when taking part in a rideshare or another alternative transportation method. No case is too difficult for our team to handle, and we’re fierce advocates on your side through every step of the way.

If you have been injured as a result of a LimeBike accident, the Los Angeles injury attorneys at Omega Law Group, PC are ready to help you pursue your right to compensation. Our team of attorneys were all educated at the prestigious Loyola Law School, and continue to provide clients across the Golden State with outstanding, aggressive, and client-centric advocacy that relentlessly pursues and protects their best interests. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of injured clients, and our decades of combined experience give you the confidence of knowing that your legal matter is in capable and qualified hands.

Exceptional Counsel Serving a New Transportation Industry

Many companies have sprung up to try and solve a growing problem in many of America’s urban centers: road congestion due to large amounts of vehicles causing traffic. LimeBike is one such company, offering pedal bikes, electric-assist bikes, and even electric scooters to riders in a way that is both convenient and low-cost.

However, riders often don’t utilize proper safety equipment, which puts them at risk for a serious accident should they collide with an obstacle or another vehicle. Still other users ignore safety practices, riding on sidewalks and walkways which is not only illegal but extremely risky to the safety of pedestrians and residents.

Some common injuries that can occur while using a LimeBike vehicle include:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions & other head injuries
  • Whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Major bruising or muscular damage

Reckless Conduct Leads to Injuries

LimeBike has been lauded for its ingenious way of not only improving personal transportation, such as making it less expensive and more environmentally-friendly, but also for eliminating some of the growing congestion in urban streets around the country. However, while the concept appears beneficial on paper, there are numerous injury risks to these programs.

For starters, those who ignore safety guidelines and laws sometimes choose to take their bikes or scooters onto walkways and sidewalks, endangering pedestrians and risking collisions that could cause serious injuries. Furthermore, those who do ride as advised and stick to bike lanes on roads still risk injury from a collision with a parked vehicle, suddenly-opening door, or motorist who isn’t paying attention. In any of these instances, the results can be disastrous and potentially life-changing.

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