Robin Saghian Discusses Electric Scooter Accidents on Dallas Local News


One of our founding partners, Attorney Robin Saghian, was interviewed on Dallas’ ABC local news affiliate, WFAA, regarding the increasing frequency and growing prevalence of serious injuries resulting from rental electric scooter accidents. While on WFAA, Attorney Saghian remarked that the Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys receives between two and five calls about scooter crashes each day.

Crashes, Malfunctions & Liability in Electric Scooter Accidents

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are currently handling cases involving electric scooter injuries resulting from the negligence of a third party. We have personally witnessed the complex web of regulations, liability requirements, and insurance challenges that affected parties face when seeking compensation for hospital bills and other injury-related expenses.

In his interview, Attorney Saghian explained how insurance companies try to deflect responsibility in crashes caused by non-scooter riders, saying “The speed is what changes the liability dynamics.” In many cases, scooter riders’ injuries may not be covered if they were moving quickly at the point they were hit by a car, cyclist, or other party.

While companies like Bird and Lime may be required to carry liability insurance, such coverage may only be accessible by injured riders if they were hurt due to a defective or malfunctioning scooter. Otherwise, injured scooter riders seeking fair compensation face a long, uphill battle.

Bird Scooter Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

At Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys , we are prepared to evaluate your case and advise you regarding your best moves. As mentioned, we are currently handling multiple cases involving rental electric scooter accidents caused by the negligence of a third party, and we may be able to help you file a claim as well. Connect with a member of our team as soon as possible to schedule your initial case review.

(Please note Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys does not handle claims in which an electric scooter malfunctioned causing an injury)

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