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Omega Law Group, PC Attorneys Representing Victims of Lancaster Car Accident

Our experienced lawyers at Omega Law Group, PC are representing victims involved in a 4-car accident. On April 20th, a pick-up truck slammed into a police cruiser at the intersection of Avenue K and Sierra Highway. The cruiser was flung into two other vehicles that were stopped at a traffic light. The officer was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

A dash cam mounted to one of the cars involved in the collision caught the incident.

(Click here to read the ABC 7 News article about the accident.)

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Car accidents can result in injuries and damages that lead to high, unexpected medical bills and repair costs. When another driver causes a collision, they can be held financially responsible for expenses.

Our team at Omega Law Group, PC has decades of combined legal experience and is dedicated to helping injured individuals get the compensation they need to cover the costs incurred. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for victims and are prepared to apply our knowledge and skill to obtain a favorable outcome for you.

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