Halloween Safety Tips for Your Entire Family

girl holding jack o' lantern on Halloween

Halloween should be safe and fun for everyone. But the popular holiday can have its hazards, especially when safety is not kept in focus.

At Omega Law Group PC in Los Angeles, we want everyone in our communities and beyond to stay safe this Halloween. That’s why we have compiled a quick list of standard yet important Halloween safety tips that the whole family can appreciate.

Five Halloween safety tips that you should keep in mind are:

  1. Costume safety: If your children are dressing up in costumes this Halloween, you should take a moment to inspect their costumes for any potential hazards. Choking hazards are perhaps the most dangerous, so ensure there are no small parts that can be easily removed by your child. Tripping hazards like long skirts or robes are also dangerous. Lastly, your child’s costume should be bright or reflective if they are going to trick-or-treat after sundown.
  2. Use crosswalks: When trick-or-treating, following the rules of the road is just as important as any other day. To cross the street to visit other homes, you should use the crosswalk whenever it is available, even if it is at the far end of the street. When there is no crosswalk, use high caution before crossing. Everyone in your trick-or-treating party should carry a flashlight, too.
  3. Candy review: After your child comes home with their candy haul, you should sit down with them to inspect and review it all. The odds of someone intentionally tampering with Halloween candy are practically nonexistent, but food allergens and spoiled candies are not. Be especially mindful if your child has nut allergies because a lot of candies are made in factories that process nuts.
  4. Electric jack-o-lanterns: Who doesn’t love a spooky jack-o-lantern set out on the porch or a windowsill? If you are going to carve some pumpkins this Halloween, you can do without the traditional candle placed inside. Burning candles are a fire hazard, especially when inside a flammable pumpkin and left unattended outside all night. Instead, you can use a small battery-operated candle. You should still turn it off before turning in for the night, though.
  5. Sober driving: Nothing ruins a Halloween party faster than someone leaving the party drunk and getting into their car to drive. You should designate a 100% sober driver for your group if you are headed to a party. If you are hosting a party, then you can consider collecting keys from people and ensuring everyone learns at the door that intoxicated driving – even “buzzed” driving – is not acceptable.

For more information on general safety tips some of our favorites are:

From all of us at Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys , we wish you and your family the best Halloween ever this year! Please stay safe and have fun.

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