Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

If you’re in a public space, there is an understanding that everyone must not do anything that will hurt other people around them. This is called the “duty of care,” and this is an unspoken rule that follows people everywhere they go. This is why they must watch where they’re going in public and be wary of street signs. Otherwise they risk causing a pedestrian’s injuries (LCL injury, knee injury, soft tissue injury, TFCC injury, etc.), or even wrongful death.

Whatever the case may be, victims of personal injury are often too consumed with the recovery process and other stressors to even bother inquiring if there are “personal injury attorneys near me.” A lot of them miss out on getting the settlement that they deserve! Dedicated to serving as your personal injury protection, we at Omega Law Group know that we are the best personal injury lawyer to attend to your legal needs!

There are other theories of liability that could explain how the other party is responsible for your suffering, but negligence is by far the most common. In order to know if you have a personal injury case in the grounds of negligence, here are two things you need to have:

  1. Proof of Negligence: You need to prove that the other party violated their duty of care. In doing so, you must consider the following:
    1. What role did the other party play in the interaction?
      1. Were they your doctor? Your teacher? Your caretaker? Just another driver on the freeway?
    2. And the most important question: Did their alleged negligence lead to an injury? The answer to this must be YES.

Scenarios negligent drivers may find themselves in:

  1. Neglecting to see the one way street sign, a driver went the opposite direction of the street. Their negligence caused a collision with another car which then caused the victim’s back pain.
  2. A driver accidentally hits a pedestrian after a drunken night-out in the club. The pedestrian is then confined in the ICU and is in critical condition.
  3. A record of the cost of the injury: In a rippling effect, this injury must also result in compensatory damages. You must keep any medical bills, as well as keep track of any hours you didn’t work in your job as a result of the injury.

Once you have these things, you need to contact Omega Law Group to assist you in your legal needs. Call us at (310) 446-8905 or visit us at 9454 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 830 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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