A lot of people document their everyday lives on social media today, especially with the years lost in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We share everything there: facebook memes, our thoughts on Britney Spears instagram, our daily traffic rants on the 405 freeway, 91 freeway, and/or 101 freeway, etc. It’s become a norm. It should come as no surprise that when people get into an accident, a lot of them run to social media to vent out their frustrations. The urge to share (or rather, overshare) is seemingly universal, and insurance companies take advantage of this to decrease their liability in an accident. So in the event of a car crash (ie: motorcycle accident or vehicular accident), we at Omega Law Group urge you to refrain from making a social media post. We understand that you might feel frustrated from suffering a personal injury – whether it be a possible knee injury, LCL injury, or PCL injury – but posting about it will likely do more harm than good. In the years we have spent as an award-winning Beverly Hills personal injury law firm, we have found that insurance companies will likely exploit your social media transparency against you.

Don’t Post Details Of The Accident

Pursue the “no social media” approach. We know posting details of the accident might seem like the move especially if you’re trying to update your loved ones about your wellbeing and whereabouts. However, insurance companies can use whatever you share and say about the incident against you as means to lessen accountability on their part. To mitigate this risk without suffering any more harmful repercussions, it’s best to call your loved ones yourself and inform them about your wellbeing as well as any updates regarding the situation. That way, any grievances or rants you may have about the accident are safe from the prying eyes of insurance companies.

Don’t Post Anything After The Accident

Posting anything after the accident will likely hurt your personal injury case as it could potentially minimize the perceived severity of your injury. For example, if you post about being with your friends after an accident, the other party’s insurance might argue that the injury you suffered isn’t as bad as you claim it is as you were still able to do an activity with them. After an accident, it’s best to keep any documentation of your personal life out of social media until the case has been settled.

Put Your Social Media Accounts on Private

Any information about you on the internet that is open for public viewing can be used against you. As an extra layer of protection, all those involved in a personal injury case must be careful about whatever they post on social media. Better yet, they could cut off any access to any information that may negatively impact their case. Putting their social media account on Private is one of the best things they can do in this situation. Doing so will significantly lessen any chances of insurance companies finding any compromising information that could harm your case.

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