How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you have acquired serious injuries from someone who ignored their duty of care, a lawyer is the best person to run to when seeking justice and compensation.

It’s in your best interest to look up an “injury lawyer near me” via a Google search when that happens.

But this won’t suffice.

A lot of lawyers will claim that they are the top rated personal injury lawyer as a marketing tactic, but rarely do their claims hold water. Even at a so-called “top personal injury law firm,” a lawyer could still mishandle a client’s case.

While a lawyer is the best person to take on your personal injury case, do keep in mind that it is still YOUR personal injury case. Therefore, you are still responsible for it. In order for you to reach finality in your personal injury case, make sure you look for the following qualities when consulting with a firm (yes, even when they call themselves the “best personal injury law firm”) and/or an attorney:

Personal Injury Specialty

There are different types of lawyers. An entertainment lawyer, for example, specializes in all things entertainment and may have clients in the entertainment industry. In your case, you should make sure that the lawyer or firm that you’re looking into specializes in personal injury.

Free Consultation & Contingent Fee Basis

One thing you also need to look out for when looking for a personal injury law firm to represent your case is whether they have free consultation and operate on a contingent fee basis. If they are on a contingent fee structure, this means that the firm does not get money unless they win the case. This gives them an extra incentive to work extra hard to win your case and also saves you the trouble of coming up with the money up-front.


As you find an attorney in California, you want to look for one who is an experienced one. Not only do experienced lawyers know the technicalities and legalese to handle your case swimmingly, an experienced attorney has also developed the right instincts over the years to make sure that you get the best out of your personal injury case.

Track Record of Success

You want to employ a lawyer with a proven track record of success. An attorney with losses here and there should be afforded some grace. The odds of winning may be too slim for some cases. However, if they have incurred too many losses, this should raise a red flag on the way they’ve handled them thus far. An attorney with consecutive wins, on the other hand, shows that they possess a tenacity, work ethic, and the right instincts to bring home a win on behalf of their clients.

Direct Communication With Attorneys 24/7

Your personal injury case could take years to settle, and even longer if your personal injury lawyer does not adequately communicate with you. You want to get involved in your case as much as possible. Remember, you are just as responsible for your case as your lawyer is. Therefore, having the option to be in direct contact with your attorney at any given time is a quality you need to look into when seeking legal representation for your case.

Individualized Attention For All Clients

Omega Law Group Attorney Cinela Aziz said that one mistake law firms make is that they don’t pay attention to whatever their clients are going through. Fact of the matter is, a client’s current life situation, whether good or bad, could bleed into the personal injury case itself. It’s extremely important for the lawyer to pay special attention to each of their clients.

Resources They Offer

If you’re working with a personal injury law firm, they most likely have a network of professionals from different industries. They, for example, might be in contact with medical professionals on lien who will provide you with urgent care or chiropractic services as the case as your case is still being moved forward. Assess whether the resources they’re going to provide will adequately aid in piecing your life and case together post-accident.

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