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Can A Personal Injury Lawyer In California Actually Drop A Client?

Firms will spend an insurmountable amount of time and dedication to building their clients’ cases. They have employed case managers, legal assistants, lien negotiators, etc. to work on them, and the firm will have to continue to compensate their employees accordingly regardless of the outcome of the case.

When they do drop a case, it’s not a decision that they make lightly. After all, the team has already invested so much of their time and effort into it.

Therefore, if the client receives a drop letter from their attorney, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their lawyer is not doing their job. All things considered, dropping a case doesn’t make much economic sense.

As long as the firm can help it, sending a letter of disengagement to their clients is often done as the last resort. Truth is, so many factors come into play when lawyers make this decision. Let’s explore some of them.

Other Party Is Uninsured 

When the defendant is uninsured, there’s no way the firms can retrieve payment for their clients. Legal action is often hard to pursue in cases like this, and a lot of times, personal injury law firms will have to forcibly drop them.

It’s tragic, especially when the victims have minimal liability coverage that only covers the other party’s property and bodily damage. This leaves the victims to fend for themselves despite the fact that they’re not at fault in the situation. This is an unfortunate flaw in our legal system, one that we are all beholden to.

When you’ve sustained property damage and the defendant does not have insurance, you will have to file a small court claim. Not all personal injury law firms can assist you in situations like this and may drop your case or refer you to another firm that does.

If you’ve sustained significant bodily injuries and the defendant does not have insurance, usually a personal injury law firm can only represent you if you have an Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage. This is an added cost, but is nevertheless worth possessing especially as you will be in a lot of driving risks in these Los Angeles streets.

Low Property Damages

In personal injury cases involving car accidents, property and bodily damages done to the victim are usually scrutinized to determine the value of the case. If the damage done to the property is minimal, then this is an indication that it would be extremely difficult to make a case that the plaintiff has suffered any significant personal injury, if at all.

For example, if the car has obtained mere cosmetic damages that don't necessarily affect the functionality of any parts of the vehicle (like a scratch or a chip in the car’s paint job), then chances are the plaintiff hasn’t obtained any injury. There needs to be some evidence that personal injury has been obtained for a firm to represent you, and having low property damages is antithetical to that.

Client Is Uncooperative

In a perfect world, a client can seek legal representation from a personal injury law firm and not do anything to help move the case forward. This is not that world. Fact of the matter is, the client is still responsible for their own case. Their attorney merely serves as a catalyst for justice. While the heavy lifting falls on the firm, the client still plays a role in ensuring that their attorney gets everything they need from them. For example, the client is responsible for getting treatment by going to the doctor’s as ordered by their lawyer. This will not only help aid in their recovery, but will also help build the case. By getting treated by a medical professional, you’re helping compile evidence of how dire your personal injury is. Failure to do so will result in a gap of the story your lawyer is trying to tell, making your case more unwinnable than it should be. If this happens way too often, chances are your attorney will drop your case.

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