Switching Personal Injury Lawyers

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Personal injury cases take up to two years to settle. But when your lawyers appear disinterested, unresponsive, and unenthused, you may begin to ask yourself, “can I change lawyers in the middle of a case?”

The short answer: Yes, you can switch attorneys in the middle of a case, especially if you’re not happy with your current personal injury lawyer.

There are different reasons people choose to switch personal injury lawyers:

  • The client may feel the attorney isn’t working on their case enough.

  • The attorney appears to not care less about ensuring the client gets the best settlement possible.

  • The injured client may feel that they’re being given lackluster medical treatment by the doctors on lien.

In contrast, the right lawyer is “attentive… [and] cares about you as a person,” says Omega Law Group attorney Cinela Aziz. “They’re not just kicking the can down the road. They’re actually taking action. They should have a pretty aggressive litigation strategy to make sure that your case reaches finality.”

But how do people go about switching personal injury attorneys?

The client is not obligated to stick to their personal injury attorney and may fire them at will for whatever reason. This is something clients need to remember as they work with a lawyer to take on their case. All the new attorney has to do is fill out an MC 050 form, better known as a substitution of attorney form. On top of that the new attorney has to write a letter to the prior attorney telling them that the client has sought new representation and that they have thus been terminated.

When changing attorneys, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • It’s possible that a new attorney might decline to handle your case. Atty. Aziz has seen this happen in her years as an attorney, especially when substantial work has been done for a specific personal injury case. Before firing your lawyer, assess whether it’s worth doing so or consult with another personal injury lawyer.

  • Your old attorney still needs to get paid and is thus entitled to a sum of money from the settlement. This is because they still did a portion of the work. However, this in no way affects the client’s share as the attorney’s fee will be shared between the firms who worked on the case.

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