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    • Omega Law Group, PC Representing Victim of Long Beach Car Accident

      Our team of experienced and skilled California personal injury lawyers at Omega Law Group, PC, have been retained to represent the victim of a horrific police cruiser versus Metro bus Long Beach accident. The accident occurred on the 710 Freeway, known as the Long Beach Freeway. Our client was taken to the hospital immediately following the wreck. A police cruiser and Metro bus were involved in ...
    • Attorney Robin Saghian of Omega Law Group, PC Discusses Bird Scooter Accidents with Bloomberg News

      Electric Bird scooters and other ridesharing scooter services have cropped up almost overnight in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and other major cities around the state. Just as quickly as they showed up, personal injury law firms like Omega Law Group, PC started getting flooded with calls about electric scooter accidents . Riders are getting seriously injured in crashes caused by ...
    • Omega Law Group, PC Will Represent Pedestrian Hospitalized in Crash on Las Vegas Strip

      Omega Law Group, PC has been retained to represent a woman who was severely injured in a limo versus pedestrian crash near the strip in Las Vegas on July 8, 2016. The victim was taken to University Medical Center Trauma in unknown condition. She suffered from numerous injuries including head injury and severe burns from the hot asphalt. Read more on this incident here . If you or a loved one has ...
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