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Riverside I-215 Truck Accident Lawyer

A line of trucks on the road. Discuss your legal situation with a Riverside I-215 truck accident lawyer.

You have legal options after a collision with a commercial vehicle. A Riverside I-215 truck accident lawyer from our team at the Omega Law Group can help you secure an insurance settlement or file a personal injury lawsuit. 

You can trust us to represent your best interests after a collision. A Riverside truck accident lawyer can find the responsible party and help you get damages for your medical bills, vehicle repairs, and lost pay. 

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Can You File a Claim After a Collision on I-215?

You may qualify for compensation if a truck driver engaged in negligent behavior and struck your vehicle on I-215, causing you injuries and financial losses. A Riverside personal injury lawyer can help after a head-on, rear-end, or side-impact truck accident. 

We understand the high risk of accidents for drivers on I-215. This busy road runs from Murrieta through Riverside and up to San Bernardino, and drivers may face challenges due to the two-lane sections and relatively low speed limit. 

Many truckers use the route for deliveries and transit, causing accidents if they operate their vehicle while tired, distracted, or impaired by alcohol. We’re ready to review your situation to see if you have a valid claim today. 

Do Lawyers Handle Deadly Accidents on I-215?

Your family may file a wrongful death claim after some accidents on I-215. A Riverside fatal truck accident lawyer can assess your situation and see if you qualify for this kind of claim. Let our family take care of your family after this kind of major incident. 

What Funds do You Get for a Truck Accident on I-215?

If you qualify to file a legal claim after a collision, our team can help you secure funds for your:

Medical Bills

Drivers involved in truck accidents often require treatment for spinal cord injuries (SCIs), traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, burns, and damage to organs. Your lawyer can help you get damages for:

  • Emergency medical care and transport to a hospital
  • Medical tests, assessments, and procedures
  • Medications, physical therapy, and rehabilitation 

We collect documentation that allows us to track these expenses so you can seek maximum compensation. 

Lost Pay

You may need to take significant time off work to recover after a truck accident. We’ll help you seek compensation for your lost wages and assist with claims for your diminished earning potential if the accident left you with a disability. 

Property Damage

Trucks can severely damage smaller vehicles in collisions. Your Riverside I-215 truck accident lawyer can help you secure funds to repair or replace your car by proving that someone else caused the collision. 

Pain and Suffering

Your attorney can help you get funds to cover the non-economic costs of your truck accident. We focus on the emotional pain and mental suffering you experienced. Our team knows how to calculate these damages and include them in your claim. 

How Can a Riverside I-215 Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

We always focus on putting our clients first. As part of our focus on the needs of our clients, we’ll assist with all of your legal concerns following an accident. We take steps to find the liable party and investigate using modern techniques to collect evidence on your behalf. 

Depending on your circumstances, our investigation may require us to:

  • Visit the area on I-215 where your accident occurred 
  • Interview all eyewitnesses 
  • Collect data from the truck’s black box system 
  • Review the trucker’s driving record
  • Get a copy of the police accident report
  • Work with truck accident experts 

We look for photos and video surveillance footage that provide more information about the collision. Our team uses this evidence to negotiate with insurance companies from a position of strength or help clients who file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Our team gets to work quickly to help clients avoid any potential issues with California’s statute of limitations, which limits the amount of time available to file a claim for compensation. 

Who Is Responsible for Your I-215 Truck Accident?

It’s essential that we quickly identify the liable party after a truck accident on I-215 so we know who to pursue for compensation. In many situations, we file claims directly against a truck driver, especially if the driver broke a traffic law that directly caused a collision. 

However, our team may also consider filing a claim against the trucking company that employed the driver. The company may be liable if the accident occurred during work hours. Companies also cause collisions through unsafe hiring practices and by improperly maintaining trucks. 

Why Select Our Team After an Accident on I-215?

Our team at the Omega Law Group draws on decades of combined experience to handle your legal needs following a collision. We put our clients first, listen to your concerns, and provide fast answers to any legal questions you have. 

We stand by our reputation for successfully resolving truck accident cases for clients like you, recently bringing a client $1,375,000 after a collision. You can review our case results to see other examples of our work. 

Additionally, we take on I-215 truck accident cases using a contingency pricing system, so you’ll only have to pay us legal fees after we resolve your claim and bring you compensation. 

Speak to an I-215 Truck Accident Lawyer in Riverside, CA

You can work with a professional Riverside I-215 truck accident lawyer from our team at the Omega Law Group to secure maximum compensation for your losses. We’ll take your needs seriously and provide you with the care you need after a collision. 

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