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Beverly Hills Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Woman looking at a rideshare app on her phone. A Beverly Hills car accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process and may make your financial recovery easier after a rideshare accident.

Rideshare accidents involving Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare drivers can be complicated. Insurance and liability can depend on many factors, and time-consuming disputes may arise as your compensation and closure from a crash hang in the balance.

The Beverly Hills car accident lawyers of Omega Law Group understand the complexities of claims involving overlapping insurance policies and company liability. We also know how important it is for injury victims to be fully compensated in a timely manner.

In such instances, you need efficient, effective legal counsel known for getting results. Our Beverly Hills rideshare accident attorneys know how to build strong cases and get the maximum compensation the law allows from insurance and rideshare companies.

How Rideshare Insurance Works

Rideshare insurance can be complex. Let’s take a look at Uber and its insurance policy as an example. Uber’s insurance is based on the ride cycle. The coverage is dependent on the driver’s app use during the accident.

One of the things your Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer will consider when determining liability is the status of the app itself. 

The Driver Is Not Logged In

Prior to accepting a ride, Uber’s complete coverage does not kick in. In the event that an accident happens when an Uber driver is not connected to the service, their personal insurance will pay for any damages.

The driver’s personal coverage ceiling may severely limit any damages sustained by an injured party.

The Driver is Logged In and Waiting for a Ride Request

Uber’s insurance policy will only cover the at-fault driver up to a certain point after they have logged in and are waiting to accept a ride request. Here, Uber’s liability coverage limitations are $50,000 for injuries to a single person, $100,000 for injuries to many people combined, and $25,000 for damage to property.

Driver is Logged in and Has Accepted a Ride

If a rideshare driver is involved in an accident and is at fault, Uber’s insurance will pay for the damages incurred by the passengers and anybody else affected as long as the driver has accepted a ride on the app. This policy will pay up to $1,000,000 for injuries, deaths, and property damage sustained by passengers and bystanders.

If you have been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, it is important to consider working with an experienced rideshare accident attorney if the other party is denying fault. In these situations, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference in obtaining the compensation you deserve.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me After a Rideshare Accident?

Dealing with the aftermath of a crash isn’t easy, especially when you’re in pain, dealing with injuries, and have the added stress of lost income. An attorney can take some of the burdens off your shoulders and make your personal injury claim process much smoother.

Here are some of the key ways our Beverly Hills rideshare accident lawyers can help:

  • Investigate the accident thoroughly: An experienced personal injury lawyer will gather evidence like police reports, medical records, and witness statements and potentially hire experts to reconstruct the crash. This is important to determine fault.
  • Handle insurance claims: Rideshare insurance policies are complex. A lawyer understands how to negotiate with the insurer and ensure your claim is filed properly. We identify and aggressively pursue all sources of liability.
  • Calculate the full value of your claim: In addition to medical bills, a lawyer can help you recover other damages like lost wages, pain and suffering, and long-term impacts. This can help to maximize the amount of financial compensation you receive.
  • Protect your legal rights: There are strict deadlines for filing claims after an accident. A lawyer makes sure you don’t miss important cutoffs. We can prevent mistakes throughout the process that can put your compensation at risk.
  • Fight for maximum compensation: Insurance companies aim to settle quickly for less. Our lawyers aggressively negotiate to get you full and fair value for your injuries and suffering.
  • Represent you in court: Most claims are settled without litigation. But if the insurer won’t pay, your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf to get the recovery you deserve in court.
  • Take the stress off of you: Dealing with insurers, medical treatment, and legal paperwork is difficult during recovery. A rideshare accident attorney manages it all so you can focus on healing.
  • Provide updates during the process: You’ll know the status of your case and the next steps without having to stay on top of it yourself.

We understand the financial stress an accident can cause. That is why our law firm only accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. There is no upfront cost to you, and we are only paid if we recover compensation on your behalf.

Contact a Beverly Hills Rideshare Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Evaluation Today

An experienced Beverly Hills Uber and Lyft accident lawyer will be able to help you investigate, gather evidence, and prove the negligence of the other party, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

Without proper legal representation, you may receive minimal compensation or be unfairly blamed for the accident.

Don’t put your claim at risk, and don’t settle for less than you deserve. Contact Omega Law Group today to learn how we can help.