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Bus Accidents in California

Bus accidents can make for difficult personal injury claims. You never know how many parties will get involved and how much work the insurance company will put in to deny your claim. If you aren’t prepared for the road ahead, you could be stuck with steep damages and no way to pay them.

Call (310) 504-1852 and speak with Omega Law Group about what happened. Do not delay. Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers are always ready to hear from new and returning clients who have found themselves in difficult legal situations. When it is time to fight for your right to compensation, we know you’ll feel more confident with us by your side, at your back, and leading the way!

Liable Parties in a Bus Accident

The people who caused your bus accident and injuries are the ones who should pay for your damages, whatever those might be. But who is it that caused the crash, exactly? There might be multiple parties, which could mean filing against multiple people. Several insurance companies could be banding together to stop your claim from getting traction. Let us stand up for you and give them the fight of their careers.

Figuring out the liable parties depends heavily on the type of bus you were riding when it crashed or the type of bus that crashed into you while you were driving. Private charter buses and those managed by the city have very different legalities surrounding them. Again, don’t worry about these details yourself. Leave everything up to Omega Law Group.

Parties that could be sued in your bus accident include:

  • Bus driver: If the bus driver who caused the crash was an independent contractor, then you might have to sue them and their privately-owned insurance policy. Employers cannot usually be held liable for the mistakes of their workers unless those workers are specifically categorized as employees.
  • Another motorist: Were you on a bus when it was hit by a reckless driver? Even though the bus driver had a duty to try to avoid any crashes, they might have had no options in your situation. Suing that third-party driver could be your avenue to getting fair compensation.
  • Bus company: The bus company that hired the bus driver could be sued if the driver is an employee or if there are negligent hiring practices at play. For example, imagine that the bus driver who caused your crash had no proper licensure to operate the vehicle but was hired anyway. This gross negligence could make the bus company liable for the accident.
  • City or municipality: For accidents involving city buses, the situation is much different. There are new legal rules that affect the case, such as a highly restrictive statute of limitations that requires you to take near-immediate action. Do not hesitate to dial (310) 504-1852 if you were hit by a bus managed by Los Angeles Metro or were hurt while riding on one.

Damages for Your Bus Accident Case

Were you severely injured in your bus accident? If so, then your damages will probably be severe as well. Make certain you are demanding enough compensation from the liable parties to be able to financially recover. You don’t get a second chance at your case if you accept a lowball settlement.

We might be able to collect the following damages and more for you:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Property repair costs
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

All of your damages will be calculated in a way that factors in the past and the future. After all, you might be feeling the pain of your injuries for years after the end of your medical treatment. Your non-economic damages should reflect those lingering pains.

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Omega Law Group lives up to its name as the last law firm you ever need to call after being in a bus accident. We have the abilities, experience, and professional network needed to handle virtually any personal injury claim, even those that go to litigation. We’ve built a reputation for securing the largest settlements and awards possible for our clients, and we intend to uphold it for as long as we are practicing the law.

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