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3 Great Ways To Support Someone With Mental Trauma After Car Accident

mental trauma after car accident
mental trauma after car accident

A lot of people experience mental trauma after car accident. Car accident trauma shows up in various ways in people’s lives. Some of them show up mentally, and could lead victims to spiral. Trauma from car accident also shows up physically. It is not uncommon for victims to get traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury because of the accident. Injured victims will require a lot of support from their friends and family to get through the difficulties imposed upon them by someone’s recklessness. 

As a personal injury firm, we see how badly trauma manifests on our clients and how it affects their loved ones. Whether you are a victim’s friend, loved one, or a family member, we hope that this blog will give you a better idea on how to better support them in such a turbulent time in their life.

While there are many ways you could offer emotional support from someone who is experiencing trauma after a car accident, lending a helping hand could be narrowed down into three: empathetic listening, practical support, and boundary awareness.

1.) Empathetically Listening To Someone With Mental Trauma After Car Accident

If you want to help a loved one work through their car accident trauma symptoms, listening to them empathetically is important. You need to hold space for them to feel however they want to feel, and you shouldn’t judge them for the way they express themselves. Let them know that their feelings about the situation are valid. In addition, you need to listen intently when they want to vent, and only offer advice when they ask that from you.

Sometimes, you don’t need to say anything to be helpful. Being present is enough encouragement and could go a long way for them. It reassures them that they are not alone in this difficult time of their life, that they have someone to turn to for comfort when the trauma from a car accident just becomes too much to bear in the low stages of their recovery. 

2.) Offering Practical Support To Someone With Mental Trauma After Car Accident

Aside from empathetic listening, you may also need to lend practical support when you’re trying to help someone with emotional trauma after car accident. A lot of the victims get super overwhelmed by their emotions after the incident.

As a result, they end up having a hard time doing their everyday tasks — be it fulfilling their routine commute, cleaning, upkeep, etc. Lending a hand by helping them check something on their to-do list could ease the stress they may be feeling. For example, you could offer to drive them to work or do some of their chores for them. 

Another way you could practically support their recovery is by encouraging them to seek professional help. Even though your advice could still help them, the truth is, there is only so much you can do. A licensed professional therapist has the proper tools to help them detangle their complex thoughts and emotions. Let them know that seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it could actually be seen as a sign of strength. It takes a great deal of mental fortitude to admit that you need help, and they shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking it.

3.) Boundary Awareness 

When offering emotional support to a loved one who is currently mentally recovering from an accident, you need to understand that people deal with trauma in various and sometimes unexpected ways. So before you offer help of any kind, gauge where their boundaries lie and respect them. Some victims are fine with companionship, maybe they even seek it. But some also prefer to be given space while they process. 

One way you could be aware about their boundaries is by simply asking them how they would like you to help. Giving them the space to voice out their needs rather than assuming what they need from you is an excellent way to sufficiently contribute to their healing.  

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