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Skilled California Personal Injury Lawyers

At Omega Law Group, PC our team of attorneys can take on all types of legal matters relating to personal injury law. We have decades of experience between us, and an unparalleled dedication to client success. Our team of attorneys consists of two brothers and a husband and wife. With close relationships between our lawyers, we can offer you the same level of caring support, treating you as if you were part of our family. We became involved with law because of a strong desire to help people.

Our attorney's parents emigrated from a foreign country, and he watched his parents get taken advantage of over and over again because they didn’t know the culture and language and laws. He vowed that when he grew up and he could do something about it, he would not let his family and friends be taken advantage of again.

Driven to Help Clients

Start by letting our team know what you are going through. We would be pleased to give you the comprehensive assistance that you need as you pursue a just outcome to your case. We are not afraid to take your case to trial if that's what it takes!