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Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer

A man on the phone with a Santa Ana car accident lawyer after a collision.

You can seek maximum compensation after a crash by hiring a Santa Ana car accident lawyer from the Omega Law Group. Our team will put you first, using client-focused strategies to help you secure funds to cover your medical bills, lost pay, property damage, and other losses.

You can turn to a Santa Ana personal injury lawyer if you want to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or file a lawsuit. We’ll respond quickly to your questions and guide you through the legal process.

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Can You File a Claim After a Collision in Santa Ana, CA?

You may qualify for compensation after any collision caused by another driver. A lawyer can review your situation and determine if someone else owed you a duty of care, failed to uphold that duty, and directly caused your injuries and any financial losses.

In many cases, lawyers investigate to determine if you have a valid claim for compensation. We use modern investigative techniques and may focus on:

  • Looking for video surveillance footage of the collision
  • Interviewing any eyewitnesses to get official statements
  • Acquiring a copy of the car accident report
  • Visiting the scene of your crash
  • Working with car accident experts

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What Compensation Do You Get for a Car Accident?

A Santa Ana car accident lawyer can help you secure funds to cover all the expenses associated with your crash. Our team focuses on bringing clients funds for their:

Healthcare Costs

Car accidents can lead to spinal cord injuries (SCIs), concussions, broken bones, whiplash, and other injuries. Your lawyer can help you seek funds to cover all your current and future expenses, including the costs of emergency treatment and physical therapy.

Lost Pay and Earning Potential

You may qualify for compensation to cover the wages you lost while off work recovering from car accident injuries.

Your lawyer may also focus on your diminished earning potential for some accidents. Generally, we help clients seek this kind of compensation if an accident results in a disabling condition, like paralysis.

Property Damage

A collision may badly damage your vehicle. In this situation, your attorney can help you seek compensation to cover the cost of repairs. You may get funds to replace a totaled vehicle in Santa Ana.

Non-Economic Losses

Finally, your lawyer may help you secure funds for your non-economic losses. We track the emotional pain and mental anguish you experienced as a result of a collision and factor it into your claim.

We take the psychological effects of car accidents seriously on behalf of our clients.

How Will a Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer Resolve Your Claim?

Our team uses several different methods to resolve car accident cases. In many situations, we focus on negotiating an insurance settlement. We stand up for you when dealing with insurance agents and review all offers they make after a collision.

Settling out of court can allow you to secure compensation more quickly than filing a lawsuit. However, the insurance company may refuse to accept a fair deal. You can rely on us to help with a personal injury lawsuit in this situation.

We have the legal training and experience to confidently present your claim in court, handle the evidence, and speak to the judge and jury on your behalf.

Can a Lawyer Help with a Fatal Car Accident Case?

Your family may have a chance to file a claim for financial damages after a deadly crash. You can turn to a Santa Ana wrongful death lawyer to get compassionate assistance with your legal situation.

Let our family take care of your family after a fatal crash. We’ll provide you with the emotional support you need as you move through the legal process.

Why Hire Us After a Car Crash in Santa Ana?

Our professional team at Omega Law Group has decades of combined legal experience, allowing us to take on complex legal cases. We prioritize personalized care for our clients and respond quickly if you have any questions about your claim.

We have a reputation for successfully handling car accident claims, recently bringing a client $2 million in damages. You can review our case results to review other examples of our work.

What Do We Charge for Car Accident Claims?

We use a contingency pricing system to handle car crash claims in California. This system means we receive a percentage of your final compensation and only get payment for our legal fees after we resolve your claim.

Is There a Deadline for Your Car Accident Claim?

California uses a statute of limitations to control how long you can wait to file your personal injury claim after a crash. Generally, drivers only have two years to seek compensation. Waiting too long can result in the court dismissing your case.

We recommend reaching out to a law firm immediately after a collision to avoid issues with the deadline and to give your lawyer a chance to collect evidence and speak with witnesses.

Once we begin your claim, you may have to wait several months before the insurance settlement is resolved. A lawsuit may take longer to resolve.

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You can talk to a Santa Ana car accident lawyer from Omega Law Group for professional assistance as you seek maximum compensation. We’ll put you first and find the individual responsible for your crash to hold them accountable.

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