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people engaging in pedestrian hazards
people engaging in pedestrian hazards

Watch Out For Pedestrian Hazards On The Road!

Pedestrian hazards show up in ways that people may not expect. And as we’ve seen in recent years, it seems as though they’ve been surfacing a lot more frequently. In particular, we’re beginning to see them more after the COVID-19 lockdown has eased. 

Pedestrian fatalities may have reportedly begun increasing since 2010, but the lockdown certainly catalyzed it as cars on the road were incentivized to drive recklessly as there appeared to be hardly any pedestrians on the road. And in spite of the easing COVID-19 restrictions, the figures on pedestrian fatalities remain high. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that one pedestrian wrongful death occurs every 75 minutes, accounting for over 7,000 pedestrians killed in 2020 alone. 76% of which (4,951) happened at night per the Governors Highway Safety Association. This is a stark contrast from the figures seen in 2014 at 3,510 pedestrian deaths. 

As fatalities show no signs of slowing down, we all need to watch for any pedestrian hazards on the road for our sake. We cannot change the fact that the current laws have proven themselves insufficient in protecting us from harm. However, we can alter our behaviors or be more mindful whenever we are using the sidewalk. 

In this blog, we will discuss the pedestrian hazards that we may run into on the road. Here are some of them:

1. Distracted Drivers: The Most Dangerous Of All Pedestrian Hazards

Distracted drivers are arguably the most dangerous hazards that pedestrians may run into during their walks. For one, pedestrians stand no chance against them. After all, they are not confined in a metallic enclosure that could minimize the impact of the driver’s recklessness. They could easily get catastrophic brain or spine injuries. Or worse, die.

There’s a significant likelihood of pedestrian fatalities no matter what type of distraction these drivers engage in. But it’s definitely going to increase tenfold if they text and drive as it encompasses the three main distractions drivers succumb to all too often: manual, cognitive, and visual.

2. Distracted Pedestrians: The Most Unexpected Of All Pedestrian Hazards

While it is true that pedestrians are at a disadvantage in car collisions, they themselves get in their own way. A lot of pedestrians become too complacent on these sidewalks, so much so that they distract themselves and not look for any pedestrian hazards. In turn, they become THE pedestrian hazard.

Distracted pedestrians often engage in the following distractions:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Texting
  3. Being on their phones
  4. Talking to their friends
  5. Reading

However, activist groups dedicated to alleviating pedestrian fatalities urge people to direct all outrage to the governing bodies for perpetuating these issues in the first place. They’re not discounting the fact that distracted pedestrians are indeed a part of the problem. But zeroing in on them in an attempt to address this issue is counterproductive to solving the problem.

3. Poor City Planning: The Root Cause Of All Pedestrian Hazards

It is true that highways and freeways have made a huge impact on the economy. However, their establishment has had adverse effects on pedestrian fatalities. This is because urban planning caters to the convenience of vehicle transportation, which unfortunately came at the expense of overall pedestrian safety. 

As the data above has demonstrated, we are currently seeing the impacts of this oversight. But with activist groups lobbying for change, along with the recent efforts to implement the Vision Zero Initiative, we might be seeing a shift for the better. 

This doesn’t change the fact, however, that pedestrian fatalities remain at an all-time high. Pedestrians today must walk with caution as they wade through multiple hazards that may come their way.

4. Drivers Under The Influence

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cautions pedestrians against drunk drivers on the road as they could easily careen into a sidewalk and cause someone’s fatal injuries. Be hypervigilant and look out for signs of drunk driving

If, for example, they’re swerving unpredictably in between lanes, there’s a good chance that they’d eventually run into you even though you’re not even in their way. Their inebriation may disorient them, so if you spot a car that seems to be running at odd, inconsistent speeds, seek refuge from behind a tall and sturdy object if there’s any. 

5. Pedestrians Under The Influence

Pedestrians under the influence of alcohol and other drugs get in the way of their own safety too. Their lapse in judgment and disorientation may lead them to endanger themselves and others around them. If you happen to run into these individuals in your walk, you need to distance yourself away from them as much as possible. 

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