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freeway affected by the i-10 fire
freeway affected by the i-10 fire

Fire in the I-10

A state of emergency has been declared recently in Los Angeles after a fire has broken out under the I-10, barring public access to a one mile stretch of the freeway, particularly the arterial parts connecting it to the 110 and Freeway 60. This is bad news for approximately 300,000 commuters regularly using the I-10 in their usual routes. 

Due to the I-10 fire,  significant lags in people’s commutes have been reported, specifically those who are passing through or frequent downtown Los Angeles. 

There’s been much speculation about the cause of the accident. 

One of the most common stories that are being circulated is that a fire from nearby homeless encampments spun out of control, effectively charring the storage area under the freeway and the I-10 itself. 

But Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass cautions people —at least, until the investigation is finished — against spreading that narrative. She worries that it may further subject homeless people to unnecessary and unfounded backlash. 

According to California Governor Gavin Newsom, the findings in the investigation thus far suggest that there’s reason to believe that this fire was intentionally started with malicious intent.

As of right now, investigation and construction are underway to ensure that the usual flow of the Los Angeles traffic returns back to normal. But to ensure structural integrity, Newsom claims that it may take three to five weeks to achieve this goal.

Until then, the commuters are left to figure out how to best get to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as they can. Here are some suggestions:

Take the Metro During I-10 Fire Constructions

The I-10 passes through the heart of downtown Los Angeles, making it an essential freeway for people commuting to the area. Taking the Metro is an excellent alternative to driving as it could help you curb the difficulties of commuting, especially the lag that comes with wading through the current state of L.A. traffic.

Carpool with a friend 

Carpooling with a friend to get to specific destinations could also help alleviate the traffic conditions in the city. The car-centric culture of Los Angeles makes everyone dependent on their cars to travel, inevitably breeding congestion. Carpooling helps solve the problem born out of the I-10 reconstruction as it decreases the amount of cars on the road. 

Walking to a specific destination

The car-centric culture of Los Angeles is so severe to the point where walking anywhere seems inconceivable. While it is true that Los Angeles urban planning isn’t conducive to pedestrian safety, walking to a location is not entirely impossible. If you have to go somewhere and it’s nearby, skip the hassle of the traffic and walk instead!

Use the scooters

Another mode of transportation that you can use at your disposal is the scooters. A lot of people still opt to use their cars even when they live a short distance from where they work. Understandably, walking may be strenuous for some people. But scooters may be a viable alternative. In Los Angeles, you can find them lying around in random parts of the city. Because of its sheer size, the scooter can help you squeeze through short cuts that a car may not be able to.

Take The Side Streets

The I-10 closure means that you would inevitably have to take different routes. In all likelihood, your GPS is probably going to make you go on multiple freeways. However, they’re notorious for switching up ETAs mid-drive. 

Your best bet to get to your destination as efficiently as possible may be taking the side streets. While it seems counterintuitive, this ironically gives you leverage in driving to work efficiently since not a lot of people may think of driving in the side streets as an option.

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