Attorney Robin Saghian Discusses Bird Scooter Accidents

All throughout the country, rental scooter accidents have been rapidly increasing. Attorney Robin Saghian was recently interviewed by WFAA to talk about injuries related to Bird and Lime scooter accidents.  According to attorney Saghian, who is an expert at handling Bird and Lime Scooter accidents, his law office has been flooded with cases from clients who have suffered devastating injuries while riding these scooters. In fact, Bird and Lime scooters have become so popular in the Los Angeles area, he now receives 2 to 5 calls a day from people looking to take legal action over scooter accidents.

Over the summer, the City of Dallas approved new regulations for a six-month trial run for electric rental scooters. After the trial run was approved, Lime and Bird, two of the largest electric scooter companies in the country, began pouring hundreds of scooters into Dallas. City officials estimate that more than 6,000 Bird and Lime scooters are now in the city.

The City of Dallas has been keeping track of scooter accident injuries since the Bird and Lime scooter trial run began. At a council committee meeting last month, the city said it found 13 reported injuries and one fatality. The fatal accident involved a 24 year-old man who died after crashing a rental scooter on his way home from work.

However, according to a survey of health professionals at Baylor Scott and White in Downtown Dallas, each respondent has seen approximately 1 to 3 scooter accidents a month since Bird and Lime scooters first started showing up in the city. The data from this one hospital reveals that doctors have seen between 160-480 Bird and Lime scooter injuries since the start of the trial run.

One doctor at the hospital said, “It’s definitely an uptick. We’ve seen patients flowing in. One practitioner said they saw 3 injuries in one shift.”

The most common Bird and Lime scooter injuries treated at Baylor Scott and White include:

  • Scrapes
  • Abrasions
  • Dental Fractures
  • Head Injuries
  • Femur Fractures
  • Arm Fractures

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