What Every Motorcyclist Should Know


The experience of going on a scenic drive down Pacific Coast Highway on a ninja motorcycle is unmatched! With no metallic enclosure to obstruct your view of the scenery, the cold breeze grazing your hair, it’s no wonder motorcyclists prefer riding it over cars. But before you remove your motorcycle cover, put your motorcycle gloves on, and take your two-wheel vehicle out for a ride, there are certain things you must know before you hit the road:

Your Motorcycle Helmet Will Save Your Life!

Motorcyclists must be wary of motorcycle accidents. In the event where you are involved in one, it’d be better to worry about getting your ride to a motorcycle repair shop rather than getting yourself transported to the hospital expeditiously due to head trauma. For this reason, you must always wear your motorcycle helmet. Although this information seems obvious, drivers tend to underestimate the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet, especially when most states in the U.S. have lax laws on helmet use. In fact, only 19 states and the District of Columbia are enforcing a helmet mandate for all motorcycle riders and drivers [1]. Helmets are estimated to be 41% effective in protecting passengers from dying and 37% effective in shielding them away from rider fatalities [2]. Not only that, 25,000 motorcyclists have had their lives saved due to helmet use since 2002 [3]. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to use your helmet. You might even benefit from purchasing a motorcycle helmet camera to protect yourself from unexpected legal repercussions. If you are facing legal issues due to an accident, Omega Law is here to help. Contact us: (310) 504-1852

Don’t Drink and Drive! + The Dangers Of A Nighttime Motorcycle Drive

Don’t even bother asking someone, “how many beers can you drink and drive?” The answer to that question is always ZERO. As a motorcycle driver, you will most likely be devoid of any type of protection from outside forces and are therefore more susceptible to vehicular accidents than any other drivers. In fact, stats and data in the year 2019 found that motorcyclists are likelier to get involved in fatal car accidents than any other people in other car types [4].

Even though you may not have any intention of drinking and driving, it’s important to note that driving at night is significantly more dangerous for motorcyclists. In fact, nighttime drunk drivers who died in 2019 were found to consume more alcohol than the deceased day time drunk drivers [5]. Drivers and passengers of four-wheeled vehicles have enclosures to further protect themselves from collision. Motorcycle drivers are not afforded that privilege. With little protection, motorcyclists must be extra careful when driving in the evening to lessen the risk of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Drivers In Urban Areas Are More Likely To Be Victims of Fatal Accidents

Cities with an extreme car use culture like Los Angeles are bound to experience traffic congestion in their side streets and freeways. For this reason, motorcycle drivers in urban areas must drive with extra caution to avoid a motorcycle accident. A 2019 study found that urban areas are likely to harbor more motorcycle-related deaths than rural areas [6]. This makes sense since urban areas are more populous than their rural counterparts, making motorcycle drivers vulnerable to car collisions as they are more likely to come across other vehicles in their drive. You might find yourself visiting your local motorcycle repair shop when residing in the city, or worse, needing legal representation. In such a case, Omega Law Firm is here to assist you in your legal needs. Contact us at (310) 504-1852.

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