The Effects of Horrible Car Accidents

policemen standing by broken car

Driving in Los Angeles is scary, and it’s very likely that you’re going to be driving in some of California’s most dangerous freeways ever. Considering the city’s extreme traffic congestion, there will be times where we may feel bouts of road rage. But it’s important that we keep our emotions in control and adhere to safety measures on the road; otherwise, we may get involved in bad car accidents and acquire various personal injuries - or worse, die. In 2020 alone, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 38,824 people died even though there were only 35,766 reported crashes.

But while the concern for the possibility of a physical disability is valid,people often neglect to think about how the effects of a terrible car accident could bleed into other facets of our lives. Here are some effects of getting hit by a car that we should take more seriously:

Medical Debt

If you’re involved in a really bad car accident, the aftermath of medical debt (heaps of them!) is something that you need to seriously consider. Depending on the treatment you need to receive, your medical bill could cost you thousands of dollars!

Long-term, Life-long Personal Injury

Consider yourself lucky if you merely have cuts and scrapes to remember the accident by. For a lot of people involved in horrible car accidents, they may be afflicted with more serious injuries including, but not limited to Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Soft Tissue Injury.

Lost wages

With the physical limitations you are now subjected to due to the accident, coupled by the fact that your car is in need of repair, you are then left with no resources to make money. This may put a severe financial strain unto you as you will be forced to deal with the financial repercussions of the accident without having any means to do so.

Mental Trauma

Physical trauma is prominent after the accident occurs as they’re often visible. But almost no one talks about the severe mental trauma that occurs after an accident. Life-threatening accidents, in particular, could cause driving anxiety to a lot of people which could also impede their driving performance.


Aside from the stress you’d feel in your body, the mental stress afterwards could also take a toll on you. You’d have to navigate the confusing ins-and-outs of the healthcare system, followed by the numerous phone calls you would have to make with your insurance provider. On top of that, figuring out transportation when your car is still under repair could also be exhausting.

Environmental Impacts

Depending on the impact of the vehicular accident, bad car crashes could pose a major environmental hazard. For starters, your car could have a gas leak which would expose all those around you to harmful chemicals. In dire cases, the hard collision could cause your car to explode and be set on fire.

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