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  • California is home to three of the ten most dangerous freeways in the country.

  • The I-5 is listed third out of all worst highways in America

  • The I-15 is the sixth most dangerous highway in America

  • The I-80 is the ninth most dangerous highway in the US.

  • The I-405 is the busiest freeway in the United States.

  • The I-110 is the first freeway on the west coast.


The I-5 has been heralded as the third most dangerous highway in the US, according to a study done by the insurance company The Zebra. The interstate highway is home to several states, and is thus an ideal road for 18-wheelers to use when traveling across the country. This makes it all the more dangerous for automobiles; and sure enough, the insurance company has also reported that 13.47 fatalities have occurred in every 100-mile stretch of the highway. In total, 186 fatalities have been reported in 2019. The I-5 is in major counties in California, namely Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


Coming behind the I-5, is the I-15, another interstate highway connecting large cities in several states. The I-15 runs through Minnesota, Nevada, Utah, and California in almost a 1,500 mile-long stretch. It will take approximately 23 hours and 53 minutes to drive down one end of the freeway to the other. The Zebra has ranked the highway number 6 among the top 10 most dangerous roads in America. In their study, they also stipulated that in 2019, 11.02 fatalities have occurred per 100 miles and a grand total of 158 casualties. The I-15 connects large cities in Escondido and San Diego in California.


The I-80 runs through 11 different state lines, namely California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming. From one end to the other, it will take 48 hours and 19 minutes for people expecting to go on a road trip via the I-80 as it is 2,899 miles long. It starts or ends in San Francisco, and also runs through Sacramento. A study done by the insurance company has stated that in 2019, 209 fatalities have occurred in the I-80, with 7.21 fatalities occurring per 100 miles, making it the ninth deadliest highway in America.

THE 405 (I-405)

With so many amenities that Los Angeles has to offer, this should come as no surprise given that the 405 often serves as their main pathway. Tourists flock to Los Angeles, with more than 50 million of them visiting the city in 2021. This is set to increase in 2022. To get to these tourist destinations, they will most likely have to use the 405 freeway. Despite its wee stretch of 73 miles, one must not be deceived by the 405’s short length. While its size pales in comparison to the aforementioned interstate highways, approximately 379,000 cars drive through the freeway per day in the Los Angeles section alone. This makes it one of the busiest freeways in the country according to the Federal Highway Administration.

ROUTE 110 (I-110)

Also known as the Arroyo Seco Parkway/Harbor Freeway, the 110 is one to watch out for. It’s the first freeway in the west coast, and is also the pathway to some tourist destinations including but not limited to The Huntington Library, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center. When in Los Angeles, the I-110 is hard to miss. Since it’s one of the premiere Los Angeles freeways, it’s bound to get packed and become the site of many accidents. In fact, a body was found in the I-110 South during the fourth of july this year, and it looked like it was run over by numerous vehicles according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Last year, 6 people were found to be injured in a vehicular accident.


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