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Getting Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

a courtroom where a person could pursue spinal cord injury compensation
a courtroom where a person could pursue spinal cord injury compensation

Can You Receive Spinal Cord Injury Compensation?

Spinal Cord Injury is one of the most serious types of injury a person can have if they get into an accident. Not only does it affect their physical well-being, it takes a toll on their emotional and financial wellness as well. 

The emotions of some people are tied to their physical wellness. For example, an injury in the spine could prevent them from doing a lot of the things that make them happy. This is exactly the case for a lot of athletes and dancers who find fulfillment in doing physical activities. An injury in their spine prevents them from performing the best that they can in their respective sports, which could decrease their self-esteem. 

The financial repercussions of getting injured in the spine could also be a lot to handle. Having a Spinal Cord Injury means endless trips to the doctor’s office to get it checked, enduring sessions upon sessions with a physical therapist just so they could function like any normal human being.

Nothing will ever be the same again. For this reason, they will want to get a spinal cord injury settlement by pursuing legal action against the person that hurt them. 

But is it possible? The answer: Yes, it’s possible to collect spinal cord injury settlements if you decide to pursue legal action. As a matter of fact, oftentimes a spinal cord injury compensation amounts to 5-figure or 6-figure settlement checks depending on the factors involved in the case and how bad the injury is.

Let’s dive into the factors that come into play on a person’s spinal injury settlement amounts

Factors That Affect Spinal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Medical Bills And Documentation

The medical bills that a person with spinal cord injury have gotten and/or will eventually get in the future will affect the outcome of their settlement. For this reason, lawyers urge their clients to attend each appointment with their doctor and chiropractor. Not only will this ensure that the lawyers get proper documentation of their injury and how bad it actually is, they can also use the bills as proof that their client needs a certain amount of money to recover.

Lawyers also ask their clients to be extremely detailed in telling their doctors and chiropractors about their aches and pains. Medical providers keep a detailed record of how their clients feel, which the lawyers can then use as leverage to get the amount of money that their clients deserve. 

Lost Wages

Those affected by a spinal cord injury could also get physical limitations that may prevent them from earning money. This is especially true for people who work at physically intense jobs in food service, construction, etc. With the rising cost of living, having an injury of any kind could get people a step closer to homelessness and put their financial health in jeopardy —even more so if that injury is in the spine. For this reason, your lawyer may urge you to document all missing pay stubs and work  hours as they could be used to get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.  

Pain and Suffering

Your personal injury lawyer can also get you compensated for things that cannot be objectively quantified such as anxiety, psychological trauma, emotional distress, and many more. These things are called non-economic damages. Although it could get tricky to figure out how much they are worth as opposed to economic damages, that does not mean they aren’t worth pursuing.

This just means that there needs to be further push to get as much documentation as possible. So don’t hesitate to get X-rays, therapy notes, pictures, medical records, etc. That way, the person in pain can help further validate just how bad their suffering actually is as a result of the accident. 

Legal Representation

Getting a personal injury lawyer is the most crucial part in maximizing a person’s spinal cord injury settlement. Dealing with recovery for Spinal Cord Injury is hard in itself, and even more so if they choose to pursue a higher compensation alone. The stress of doing all the phone calls and paperwork needed may affect how well one recovers mentally and physically.

But if they have legal representation, they will have a team of experts working alongside them to ensure that they get the settlement they deserve. But keep in mind that although having any legal representation of any kind is better than nothing, it is in their best interest to find a personal injury firm who will work the hardest to provide them the best legal service. Omega Law Group is that firm. 

Call Omega Law Group

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