Black Friday Safety: 5 Tips Every Shopper Should Know

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has become a national holiday that is arguably more popular than Thanksgiving just a day before. There is no day in the year with more shoppers hunting down deals than Black Friday. If you grew up in the ‘90s, then you probably remember all the news stories of Black Friday shopping gone wrong as people caused havoc to get children’s toys and finally-affordable flatscreen TVs.

Today, things can still get pretty hectic on Black Friday. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic can make going into crowds a bit scary, too. What can you do to keep your family safe and sound on the busiest shopping day? Start by checking out these five tips that every Black Friday shopper should know.

  1. Be mindful with your money: In the large Black Friday shopping crowds, pickpockets can have a field day. Be mindful of how you keep and carry your valuables. Use zipping pants pockets and keep purses or wallets close to your body. Do not retrieve your money or credit card until you are at the cash register and instructed to pay.
  2. Never fight or argue: There has never been a sale on a microwave that was worth a physical or verbal altercation. If someone else grabs the last of an item you really wanted, you have to let them have it. Starting a fight over a Black Friday sale is not just unsafe, it is also illegal. Holiday sales tend to continue right up to Christmas Day, too, so there is always a good chance you can find the same item for the same price later.
  3. Create a family shopping plan: If you are shopping with your family or a group of friends, you should create a basic shopping plan first. Decide what stores will be visited and in what order. But, more importantly, pick a spot you can all meet if someone gets lost in the crowd. Once someone has been away from the group for five minutes, you should head back to that meeting spot.
  4. Team-lift heavy items: Don’t get too hasty when picking out new appliances and try to lug one into your cart yourself. Back sprains are not a laughing matter, and they can cause long-lasting pain and debilitation. Always lift heavy and bulky items with at least one other person. If a store has instructed you to wait for an attendant before lifting an item, then wait for them. Don’t break store policy and put yourself at risk of an injury in the process.
  5. Shop online: What is the only way you can guarantee that you won’t get dizzy in a huge Black Friday shopping crowd? Shop online. More and more retailers are offering their best sales online to encourage people to stay home and stay safe. Online sales have only gotten better since last year due to the pandemic, so you’re bound to find some awesome things on your favorite websites.

For more Black Friday safety tips about online shopping and safe driving on this busy day, click here to check out to visit a post from State Farm Insurance Simple Insights®. If you or a family member are hurt on Black Friday and someone else caused it, then you should consider your legal options to bring a claim against them. Shoppers in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Fresno, California can come to Omega Law Group for legal help. Contact us today.